Laung Laachi Indian Restaurant is a famous dine-in Indian restaurant in Hawthorn that invites you for a remarkable dining experience with a menu of delectable authentic Indian dishes cooked to perfection. Our chefs prepare fresh meals that taste great.

The secret to our success is straightforward, i.e. serving delicious food in a perfect dine-in setting perfect for a family get-together. We take pleasure in serving our customers with healthy and savoury cuisine that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Our chefs have years of culinary experience to prepare dishes that tastes different yet great in every sense. From chicken madras to mixed veg and kadhai paneer, you’ll get to taste the best at our restaurant.

We use fresh produce, local ingredients, real spices, and hand-picked herbs to give you a distinguished taste.

Come down and check out our live kitchen to see how we prepare your favourite Indian cuisine right in front of your eyes.

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Indian Restaurant in Hawthorn